Mike Strutter

What is Mike Strutter?


Mike Strutter is the most real character ever to be shown on MTV - he simply doesn't give a fuck. He's an american lawyer who loves alchohol, drugs, cigarettes, bar-fights, heavy-metal and has a desire to see people get hurt and most people gets on his nerves. He tags them all as "cocksuckers". He is characterized by having an extremely vulgar language. He shows remembrance of Joe Pesci in his attitude and language. Additionally, he advertises with his Strutter-Gear which is hilarious.

Mike Strutter:

"So under NO circumstances ever tell me, to get my fucking skates on, or I will brake your fucking nose!"

"Fucking useless Cocksuckers!"

"Now have a look at this little pricklicker.. he lands right on his fucking mushkee!"

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