What is M/m/?


the little moshing dude throwing the devil horns. often used on instant messengers

dude 1: woo gig tonight!!

dude 2: yeah cant wait m/(- -)m/

See mosh, metal, pit, moshpit, devil horns, Grish


m/(>.<)m/ is just a common smiley face, meaning 'rock on'

It is also to define the term hxc or hardcore.

Person one: Today I three flipped the nine.

Person two: m/(>.<)m/

See :, >.<, hardcore, hxc, gore, rock on


An emoticon for rock on.

Weasel: I'm bored. I'm going to go listen to some ACDC.

Jeff: aight bye m/(>o<)m/


cool guy with his cool hands and cool fingers

me = m/(^o^)m/

Phil < me


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