What is Nass?


nass ---> a nasty ass bitch

nass ---> " my girlfriend is a nass, her pussy smells like fish."

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n./adj. something utterly terrible or disgusting; derived from the words nasty and ass.

"OMG, You nass."

"Eww, it smells like nass up in here."

"Gross, that's hella nass.


Having no ass, usually happens to people by the name of Divya. (May vary)

If you have this condition, doctors prescribe: Lass (Lots of ass)

"Oh em gee, have you seen Divya? She has SUCH a Nass!"

"I know! Nobody would want to gang bang her!"

"Poor child."

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nass = nice + nigger + ass.

You see her over there? My lawfully wedded whale?

She has the ultimate nass. Tight as fuck!

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Slang way of saying "nice", with a drawl in the voice

Nass rabbit, nass person, nass kim

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Employed as both adjective and noun, 'Nass' is an insult used to refer to the recipetent in the most derogatory fashion possible. Most commonly applicabble to people of a fat, round countenance.

NASS off, you NASS!!!


also "nas"; exclamation used to describe surreptitious theft; usually said twice in a row: "nass nass!"

I scored me a 40 from that quickie mart when that fool-ass clerk turned his back. Nass nass, motherfucker!


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