Naughty Schoolgirl

What is Naughty Schoolgirl?


A woman who wears an out fit like a school uniform of a white oxford shirt, plaid miniskirt, lacy white socks and spike heels, and her hair in ponytails, during sex. Also a popular look with strippers and go go dancers.

Damn, Sue looked hot when she did me like a naughty schoolgirl!


An 18 or 19 year old girl, typically of high school or college age, who is also a part time prostitute. Typically looks hot when she is sucking and/or fucking with her miniskirt on.

I just checked out this Asian schoolgirl site, and that was the best five hours I've had this week. I never knew some ladies could straddle cock with as much grace and flexibility as those naughty schoolgirls.

See urban pervert


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