What is Nightlight?


A tool commonly used by children under the age of 8 to scare the piss out of the boogeyman as he creeps out of the closet. Causes burning of the scalp, eyes, and genitals.

John's nightlight really helped him get to sleep.

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Mankinds only defense against the evil monsters of the night. If you don't have one, your days are numbered.

Nightlight, could we survive without you?

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A stub signal left behind in an old format for users who have yet to convert to the new format. The term comes from the SAFER Act, a US law allowing analog TV stations to keep broadcasting information on digital conversion (and, in some cases, local news and emergency information) after the station has otherwise gone all-digital.

I tried running some old Mac software on an old Mac, but forgot the software I was using was PowerPC-only. Good thing the nightlight box popped up; now I have to go find my PowerBook G3.

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A small dim light that is left on all night when people need to find their way to the bathroom.

They turned on their nightlight.

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