North Coast

What is North Coast?


The areas that are near a great lake in the Midwest/NE region. It is also sometimes referred to as the Mid East of America. This area is a sub-region of the Midwest. It is a very urban area. Major Cities on the North Coast include: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Buffalo(All Great Cities). Cleveland is sometimes referred to as the North Coast. Specifically, the North Coast is the area in the Midwest/NE that is within 60 miles of a Great Lake(small area, but much better than the rest of the Midwest). The North Coast doesnt like to be confused with the redneck, hillbilly, tornadic Midwest.

You have the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast (Southern Coast), and the North Coast. Any area that isnt in any of these regions is full of rednecks and people who gave up on their dreams. The North Coast is much different from the rest of the Midwest.

Cool Guy: "Where u from man"

Clevelander: "The Midwest"

Cool Guy: "Ohh, that sucks man, I hate tornadoes"

Clevelander: "No, not THAT midwest, I meant the North Coast"

Cool Guy: "Ohhh, good, I thought u were one of those redneck, hillbilly, tornado, year round swirly-head-ass guys from Omaha, Cincinnati, KC..."

Clevelander: "haha nah, but wtf is a swirly-head-ass?"

Cool Guy: "Redneck guys who look like they get a swirly everyday becuz of all the tornadoes and shit"

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