North Korea

What is North Korea?


A secretive country where religion and free speech are opressed and the people live in abject poverty. Also willing to develop WMDs.

"My dad got arrested in North Korea 37 years ago and now weighs 12 kilograms with a 32 inch beard, due to the fact he expressed his Christianity, since then the family has been regularly tortured for no apparent reason."

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North Korea is a country in asia where people are HEAVILY opressed in the ways of religion, political beleifs, how much FOOD they eat, and damn near everthing else. About 90% percent of the people in NK want someone to save them from there crazy dicator Kim Jong il.

Of course we in the the U.S. like it much better in Iraq, a place where 90% of the people DIDN'T want us there, had no WMDs, and is full of terrorists who came out because we came in.

ME: "Hey Mr. Bush? Shouldn't we be overthrowing Kim Jong il? He's really been opressing his people for a ling time, and we KNOW north korea has nukes."

DUBYA: "Naw, Iraq's better because we THINK they have WMDs and everybody there will like us, I think."

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A communist country ran by a short and ugly dictator named Kim Jung Il. It is the only country in the world where the government (rarely) distributes food to you and you can't get it anywhere else unless you enjoy tree bark and grass. It is the only country where concentration camps thrive. It is the only country where everyone shares one religion: Kim Jung-il.

North Korea: the greatest theocracy in the world!

When I used to live in South Korea, my school asked me and others to donate money to buy grain for the North Koreans. About three years later, I found out that the donations went and will go to the military. This is why South Korea must reunite with her northern neighbor to get rid of this hellhole. I wish Bushwould just nuke the Kims, but what can I expect from him?

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A country ruled by a sick looking dictator. The horrible things about North Korea was listed by many,so I don't think it's necessary here. It should've been invaded,i mean,liberated by USA a long time ago,but the yanks just didn't do it. Why,you ask? The answer is simple: North Korea got the real WMDs,just like Iran,and both those countries are backed by powerful forces. It's sad that USA and its allies can just sit and bark,because those two are not Iraq..

I don't think USA will bring the so called liberty to North Korea anytime soon.Well,just wish that someday I could go for a peaceful walk with people from that country,someday..

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The most worthless "country" in the world. Their "WMDs" can only fly 35 seconds before falling apart. Their soldiers are starving and are still using low-quality guns and equipment dating back to the end of WW2. The people have no food to eat, yet the dumbass leader Kim Jong Il spends 700 grand USD on Hennessy Cognac every year.

North Korea is a failure as a country.

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A Communist Dictatorship located in eastern Asia.

Bush: OMFG Donald, Just look at North Korea! They are ruled by a vicious tyrant who murders opposition members and locks up their families! They've got a powerful army that might invade Southern Korea any day now! And they've developed nukes and missiles which cover U.S. soil!

Rumsfeld: That sure is scary George. Now let's go beat up Iraq.

Bush: Right behind ya ;)

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A Country So Evil That Everything There (People, Film, Clothes, Thoughts) Is Completely Black & White

Think About It People, The Most Evil Things Come From North Korea, Just Think

Instant Death Figure Skating Moves (The Iron Lotus)

Kim Jong-Il

Bad Fashion Sense

The Flying Monkeys From The Wizard Of Oz

Coincidence? I Think Not

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