Nothing To See Here

What is Nothing To See Here?


Short for "nothing to see here, move along folks". A ironic or sarcastic phrase uttered by a person who feels that he/she has detected a hidden, usually unpleasant or sinister, deeper meaning of a story or event that the reporter or authority on that event wishes to conceal possibly to avoid upsetting the general public.

From the police phrase, "nothing to see here move along". which is often said to a crowd of people that have collected at the scene of an accident or crime and who the officer wishes to disperse without communicating the cause of the crime or accident.

The phrase is found in political commentary often on weblogs on hot button events like terrorism and political corruption.

Susan: "I read in the paper that the FBI has determined that the man who shot up the Israeli airline ticket counter at LAX had no connection to terrorism."

Fred: "Yeah sure, nothing to see here."

See irony, sarcasm, politics, crime, corruption


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