What is Novembeard?


During the month of november a man can participate in Novembeard, all a man has to do is not shave for the month of november. Why? why not.

men do much dumber thing anyway.

Person A: DUDE! I grew a beard longer than Chia Hui Liu's beard in kill bill!!!

Person B: why?


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A Month long effort during November to grow out a beard through not shaving for the duration of the 30 days. It is almost exclusively undertaken by males. It is often undertaken by a clique or a few members of a friend group, but rarely by oneself. It holds large prominence on college campuses and amongst the older grades in high-school. Frequency and popularity of effort wanes in the ages above 22.

Look for it occurring among athletes, "ironic" kids, any person wishing to prove his masculinity, or those in pursuit of an easy conversation starter. Also be aware of scenesters, as they will invariably be pursuing this, and not let you forget it.

Impressionable Youth #1: "Hey, Why does Cool Elliot have all that patchy looking hair on his face? It look like shit."

Impressionable Youth #2: "Oh Man, its Novembeard!"

Impressionable Youth #1: "OMG! Awesome! That guy's hilarious!"

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During the autumnal season, the first month of unimpeded facial hair growth. To be customarily followed by Decembeardand concluding with shaving the beard into a desired mustache during the month of Manuary.

My neck is getting scratchy due to early Novembeard growth, but it'll all pay off come Manuary.

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The act of not shaving and thus growing a beard, if possible.

This November I'm taking a photo everyday and uploading it to NovemBEARD dotcom to see my beard grow... And maybe win a contest.

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