What is Obamaism?


any quote that comes out of senator Barrack Obama's mouth

obama stated that all dogs have fleas the media jumped on this and called it an obamaism

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Making alot of promises to people to get them baffled into beliving in what you stand for. Using false promises to win an election

Man, I really thought I was gonna gets my welfare check. Instead it was just alot of Obamaism.

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Obama-style collectivism. Barack Obama's political principle of centralized social and economic control.

George Soros' recognizes Obamaism as the perfect scheme for harmonizing tribalism and socialism.

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A word used portray the act of leading a nation towards changeand prosperity. "Yes We Can" is the saying that is reflected apon the word. Obamaism is derived from the root term Obama.

Pronounced: Obama-ism.

Person 1: Dude, what are your political veiws?

Person 2: Man, thats easy! I beleive in Obamaism.

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