Off The Reservation

What is Off The Reservation?


Crazy, as used in "Wedding Crashers".

I'm terrified of this girl. She's completely off the reservation.

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Going of the reservation is when certain elements such as spies or assassins either fail to complete an assignment/mission, go on an unauthorized mission, get caught and spill their guts, or go rogue. Usually resutlting in the need to neutralize(kill their ass) the said element.

lopez: hey man did you hear about that guy joe who worked with me at the CIA?

jimmy: no man what?

lopez: he went off the reservation and so I had to kill his stupid ass for going rogue.

jimmy: well thats what you get for trying to fucking double cross the CIA.


A term sometimes used when a made man in the mafia kills another made man without the permission of his superiors.

A term sometimes used when agents in a spy agency, such as the CIA, go on unathorised assignments.

The Sopranos: "Tony B went off the reservation and wacked Billy Leotardo."

Spy Game: "If you go off the reservation, I will not come after you..."

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