On Blocks

What is On Blocks?


Taken from the practice of leaving a car which has been thoroughly stripped up on concrete blocks. Something is said to be 'on blocks' when one comes back and finds it has been ransacked thoroughly.

I told you not to let anyone in--now my whole room's up on blocks!

Wait til Oscar gets back and finds his DVD collection up on blocks . . .


A phrase referring to an occurrence of menstruation (i.e. being on your period).

"Cmon honey, I've been thinkin about that sweet ass all day..."

"I cant baby, Im on blocks"

"So?? We'll double up the naughty towel!"

See period, cotton pony, red tide, menstruation, tampon, pad, bleeding


a term that proves to someone that you're not frontin. same as 'on mamaz' or 'on citas'. originated in the bay area

guy 1: let's put this shit down

guy 2: stop frontin'

guy 1: on blocks nigga

See bay, area


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