What is Oo?


A surprised face.For best effect, add a period between the two o's for a nose.

"I just humped a car*


See Brian


Another face used on the computer, Looking like: "O.o" But with out the '.'

What the fuck was that? Oo;;


in computer science oo is short for object oriented

OO Software Development

See computer science, oo, development, software, programming


an interjection used to express surpise, frustration, pleasure, admiration, or awe

oo you touched my tralala.

See oh boy, boi, oh yea, oh yeah, hell yes, hell yeah


'Yes', in Tagalog (Philippines language)

Say, "Oo" (o-o), for "yes,". To elders, say, "Oho" (o-ho) or "Opo" (o-po), for "yes."

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OO (pronounced Oh Oh) - Owner Operator (otherwise known as a wanker)

You are such an OO! (you are such a wanker)

See wanker, jerk, dickhead, wally, masturbator


'oo' pronounced: like in the words: too, new, noob, etc.

can be put in to any sentence or phrase in different moods or describing your emotion toward something or someone. basicly 'oo' can be use if your happy, suprized or confused, sad, or if you simpily got hit in the back of your head (or when you get hit by someone or something)

happy - oo (^^)

suprized - oo? (huh?)

sad - oo... (;-;)

hurt - oo!! (ouch!!)

See ow, ouch, do'h, ahhh


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