Orange Head

What is Orange Head?


Account on Yelp that does not have a photo associated with it, resulting in the default photo of an outline of a person (which is orange).

Person 1: You need a photo

Person 2: I'm working on it!

Person 1: You're a total orange head right now, you know that, right?

Person 2: I put up a picture... happy?

Person 1: Very. Now write more so you can be elite.

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A girl, usually Scouse, who has overdone it with the fake tan

Atomic Kitten.


Are the Red Heads that don't freakle. They can go into the sun so their hair gets lighter in color. ---- Please note, this might not be true i am just going off urban myth.

Orange Head- Where's my Car?

Red Head - Yo READ THE SIGN!!!- this is a Red head parking place only. All Others will be Towed.

Orange Head- I'm a Red head just a different kind, like a Mexican and Purto Rican

Red Head- My bad

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