What is Otttb?


A teeny bopper is a person, usually female, who does whatever is in, wears what is in fashion, or cool, to make themselves feel accepted, when in actual fact, they make themselves look like a dork, or a loser.

An OTTTB is an acronym for Over The Top Teeny Bopping. In simple terms, meaning a person who is a teeny bopper, but has taken it too far, and gone over the top.

OTTTBs, wear everything that is in their closet, that is in fashion to make themselves look in, buy the latest cds and basically waste their money on things that they don't need.

Evil twin 1: Oh My God! look at that bitch! shes such an OTTTB!

Evil twin 2: Yes i totally agree, look at that shirt she is wearing! she can't even fit into it!

Evil twin 1: Yeah only because she eats so much food because that guy she has a crush on offers her food.

Green Peace Member: Stop bitching guys.

See teeny bopper, teeny bopping, ott, prep, preppy


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