P Unit

What is P Unit?


parental unit, consisting of a mother and father figure

"meet me at the pub"

"ok i'l just check with the p unit"


P UNIT, Also known as 'Pak'z Unit' is a Gang runned by leader 'U.Z' and has huge rep in surrey area.


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Pussy Unit, noun: A tripped out car filled with 16 year old white boys, dressed up like gangsters, driven around town for the soul purpose of picking up girls ie "pussy"

"Hey man lets jump in the p unit and do some laps see what talent is out tonight"


Any person or group of people that work for Publix Supermarkets. The brainwashing by each associate forms a strong bond that has now formed the "P Unit" In the Central Florida area, there is a certain hand sign for the P Unit as well.

"Alright Publix associates! Albertsons and Wal-Mart are coping up on us in sales and stuff, so lets up the customer service....P Unit style"

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Name for Patent Pending's loyal, loving fanbase.

P Unit member: Patent Pending shall never die!

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endearing nickname for a penis

hey there p unit...long time no see

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noun pedestrian unit. (1) refers to anyone that is not in the "g unit" artist group normal (2) if someone is looking normal or doing normal things

(1) im in the p unit squad

(2) >what you doin' this weekend?? wanna come hijack a truck load of insoles?

< nah, im keepin it p unit on saturday, ahavin a bbq


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