Park Avenue

What is Park Avenue?


A bitchin ride made by Buick. The Park Avenue line started out in 1989 as a tag for The 1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue. In 1990 it lost the electra as Buick came out with a Park Avenue. It embodies the best of the best, loaded with options and everything you would need to live in one. Plus, if like me, you have the '89 PA with the red velvet interior, bitches will suddenly want rides and the center armrest will fold upwards, just begging for road head.

friend: Yo man, you see Eric in his bitchin' car?

Tru Gangsta: Fuck you bitch! that ain't just a car, that's a Park Avenue! you know all the bitches be wantin one of them! you can get 6 hoes in that thang, muthafucka what you thinkin'?!

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Avenue (Runs North - South) in Manhattan. It's between Lexinton Ave and Madison Ave and it passes around New York's Grand Central Terminal and through the Helmsley building.

It's catagorized by high powered business addresses and serves as the home for the VERY wealthy. (Below 96th St.)

Park Avenue ends @ 32nd St. and becomes "Park Avenue South" This continues until 14th st and it becomes "4th Ave"

YOU LIVE AT 62nd and PARK AVENUE? UH don't want to come home with me......

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The main street of Winter Park, FL. There are restaurants and boutiques lining either side of the street, and it ends at Rollins College, a prestigious private school.

Park Avenue and its surroundings does a really good job of hiding the other sides of Winter Park, riddled with slums like Kenilworth Shores.


slang term for percocets

I been on park avenue all day

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Someone who is bisexual. The term comes from the New York's famous Park Avenue, which is the only avenue in Manhattan that goes in both directions (north and south)

"I'm not sure about Jim, but I think he is Park Avenue"

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A posh street, part of 'the avenues' in Hull, England. it is full of nice victorian large houses, mainly occupied by goths, moshers, and dope smoking hippies

me: wer'd ya live then?

sian: down park avenue. you know. off chants.


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