Park The Porpoise

What is Park The Porpoise?


The verb fora a man to engage in heterosexual sexual intercourse. Used due to the (vague) resemblance of a porpoise to a man's penis. Made famous by Kal Penn playing the role of Taj Mahal Badalandabad in Van Wilder.

Taj: I came here to this country to study the great American art of muff diving. To smack clam, munch rug, dine at just one American pink taco stand! You know, I wanted to, how is it, park the porpoise. You know? I want to take it through the car wash, baby. And get it waxed. I want to wax it. Wax it! You know, and air dry. Air dry that shit, yeah! And I would like to be your assistant very much, Mr. Van Wilder.

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(use for males) to engaged in sexual intercourse with a female.

guy1: dude, I got that girl's phone number yesterday. I think she really likes me.

guy2: uh, so?

guy1: what? aren't you guys proud of me.

guy2: no

guy1: why not?

guy3: not until you PARK THE PORPOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

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