What is Pizza Hut Pizza Rolls?


The original (or new, however you wish to view it) tiny thick dick. Often used to describe the lulz factor of a specific man's baby dick. Usually used as a derogatory term.

Though I cannot see how it could be used as a compliment. You'd have to be batshit crazy.

"Kellsie, you should've seen it! His Pizza Hut Pizza Roll dick was so small, I'm not even sure I was penetrated!"

"Dude, get some Enzyte! You have a Pizza Hut Pizza Roll cock!"

"Am I crazy in thinking this is a room full of naked men with Pizza Hut Pizza Rolls for dicks or are you all just really really cold?

See dick, baby, baby dick, cock, small, tiny, pizza, pizza hut, hut, lulz


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