Pork And Beans

What is Pork And Beans?


A mv/song by weezer. contains decent amount of youtube memes.

I'll eat my candy

With the pork and beans

Excuse my manners

If I make a scene

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A food item commonly found in the homes of low-income families.

Pork and beans should *not* be confused with baked beans. Baked beans are of much higher quality and they actually contain pork. Pork and beans are just beans in tomato sauce.

Would you like some pork and beans with your sloppy joe?

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The official food staple of Maine loggers.

"You men eat yo' dinner eat yo' pork and beans"

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A term to describe a Happy Shopper, or Betty Both. One who bowls from both the Pavillion and the members' end. Half rice, Half Chips.

'Birthdays:David Bowie, formerly Pork and Beans, now just beans, singer, 56 today' ('The Times' Jan 8th, 2003)

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