What is Retardicon?


1) A Autobot/Decipticon that is utterly retarded.

2) Something that has to do with a machine of some sort that is retarded.

3) An insult inferring mental retardation of a person.

1 Guy #1 "Dude, there's a transformer that transforms into a Short-bus."

Guy #2 "What a retardicon."

2a "Your car can only get AM? Man, your car is a retardicon."

2b "That gundamn is a such retardicon."

3 "You are such a retardicon."

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a retarded robot or retarded computer

Nerd 1: The Monitor fro the Halo series is a retardicon

Nerd 2: totally

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Dinobot (dinosaur autobot), stupid person on the internet.

Dat retardicon, he done said he did that whack shit, and he ain't even trippin'.


An easily found substance, unnoticable to many people, but used by many. It causes retardation in many individuals.

Damn, that guy must've been smoking some retardicon!!

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