Reverse Kangaroo

What is Reverse Kangaroo?


Reverse Kangaroo: 1)California Valley slang for a sexual position where the woman analy rides the man facing him while she smacks him in the face with the bottoms of her feet. 2) New Australian for using a toilet backwards, and leaving skidmarks on the front side of the bowl.

1) She broke my nose when we tried the Reverse Kangaroo.

3) She got all drunk and let us watch her take a reverse Kangaroo.


An Australian term relating to a person using a toilet backwards, and leaving a resultant skidmark on the wrong side of the bowl.

Oh shit hes gone the reverse kangaroo!


The Reverse Kangaroo or "Reverse Kanga" is the act (or art) of sitting backward on a toilet, thereby leaving a long, filthy skid mark down the length of the bowl. Popular in public toilets and the mother-in-law's house.

That bitch gave me shit about leaving the toilet seat up, so I pulled a reverse kanga and left six inches of skid for her to clean up.


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