What is Robbyg?


An asshole who uses the internet to poke fun at others while ignoring the faults of himself. When he wakes up he tells an unentertaining 15 minute story of his dream. He is, however, an excellent partygoer because he has a story for every possible situation imaginable. These stories, as well as every other style of conversation he has, are chock-full of "like's"(See Example 3). Be careful when dealing with him because he is sensitive and ridicule of any sort will dishearten him greatly; i.e. poking fun at his snoring, loud chewing, facial hair, or how he is remarkably resemblant of a Mexican day laborer. Being the center of attention is his most valued asset.

Example 1:

Mike-"Wow did you hear all those fucking stories that kid told last night at Luke's?"

Alex-"Yea, what a RobbyG."

Example 2:

Chris-"Stop snoring so loud you damn RobbyG."

Example 3:

RobbyG-"Like I was like watching t.v. like yesterday and my mom like comes in and was like 'Go do your homework' and I was like whatever, ok."

See garrulous, gabby, chatty, g


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