Rolly Bitch

What is Rolly Bitch?


Used to describe a rotund, whiney little bastard who bitches incessantly. Rolly Bitches often complain about the littlest things, and often blow things out of proportion. Rolly Bitches often have few or no friends, and are often enemies of Tards. Signs of Rolly Bitchitis are as follows: wearing disgusting muscle shirts that expose flabs and rolls, bitching about people bitching about his own bitching, complaining about his bulldykemom, doing whatever one says, thus making them a bitch, having stupid ass recordings on their cell phones, and incessant bitching!

(Rolly Bitch just had a few XBox games stolen)

Rolly Bitch: This is the worst loss in America!

(Someone just poked a hole in Rolly Bitch's GameBoy Advance)

Rolly Bitch: All I know is... my life sucks!

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