Rpi Ratio

What is Rpi Ratio?


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Located in Troy, NY home of our mighty Uncle Sam.

The ratio of men to women is 4 to 1.

That is 80% men to 20% wmonen.

Cost of books for 4 years: $6,400

Cost of living for 4 years: $21.008

Cost of Tuition for 4 years: $107,000

A life deprived of money and sex for 4 years... Priceless


as of 2008

guys:girls ratio = 3:1

as of 2008

guys at or above dating standard (30%)

girls at or above dating standard (50%)

girls at or above dating standard (with RPI adjusted scale)(70%)

adjusted ratio (w guys/girls above dating standard as in people who actually take time in their day to take care of themselves and arent complete nerds)


consider a typical RPI ratio:there are 18 guys and 6 girls that attend RPI in a room. of the 18 males, only around 6 will actually be good looking and personable enough interact with a mate succesfully. of the women, normally only half of them would be attractive and personable enough, but because of the laws of supply and demand as well as sociological theory, the low numbers and demand for dates with women have caused some of them, not previously dateable, to become dateable and thus 4 or 5 of them will be possible to date.

See ratio, dating, ribs


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