Rugby Clothing

What is Rugby Clothing?


Rugby is extremely preppy clothing only available at the 9 stores nation wide (as of April, 2007), this clothing is really awesome! The Stores are in: Greenwich and New Canaan, CT, Palo Alto, CA, Georgetown, Washington D.C., Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, New York, NY, Dallas ,TX, and Seattle, Washington. This is some truly awesome clothing! If you like Vineyard Vines you should love this, its like Vineyard Vines with a little edge, but it has less of a nautical background. The logo of Rugby Clothing has a Skull and Cross Bones. Rugby is new established in 2004 and is NOT available online (as of April, 2007) and it averagely priced about $50 for a polo, never the less everything they make is an instant classic and is worth your time to check out! Also Rugby is produced by Ralph Lauren, so if you like Polo's Clothing and quality you will love


Friend 1: Hey, whats that kid wearing with the skull and cross bones on it?

Friend 2: Rugby, its so cool!

Friend 1: It looks like it, I'll have to get some Rugby Clothing!

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