What is 301?


301 is tha area code for most of the rich Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. But tha 301 area code is mostly known for its crazy niggas. PG County has a murder rate nearly 11 times the average for the DC Metropolitan area. In 2005 Fairfax County had 7 reported homicides where PG County had 198. Da 301 is mainly made up of Bowie, Clinton, Suitland, Marlow Heights, Waldorf and College Park--Im from Bowie but dont sleep on dem Waldorf niggas. But PG also has the highest paid Black people than any other county in the United States. Many famous people are from the 301 area and people from the 301 are used to seeing million dollar houses while postin up on rt. 301 regularly--then 2 mins away seeing the ghetto in PG and niggas scrappin. No one parties like da 301. People from tha 301 generally come from families that have money and work in DC but will beat dat ass with tha quickness if they have to. 301 is rolls harder than 410, 202, and 703 any day. Weakest by far is 703--Virginia Niggas sooffft. Maryland niggas roll dub twinkis.

301: Yo im from da 301.

703, 202, 410: Yo dis dude must be eatin some prime steak. I dont wanna fuck with dis cat. Yo 301 can I borrow some money?

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