What is 360?


an xbox 360 games console

wenr u gettin that godfather game for ure 360 robbo

See xbox, nerd, 36, robbo


to do a 360 turn mainly used in all extreme sports such as rollerblading,skateboarding,bmx'ing


i did a sweet 360 over that box


area code in western washington

i rep tha 360 to the fullest


Used by members of the Gangster Disciples to represent the full 360 degrees of knowledge. Meaning that you understand everything about the topic of discussion. Also reffering to the circle as a symbol for GD.

That GD knows has the 360 on this area.

See CD


anna nicole smiths former weight

where did all the fat go? hmmmmm.......

See crystal


to go around in a complete circle...thus stayint the same

Used by the dumb blonde on big brother to say that she was gonna do a 360 and become a completley different person.....does this see weird to anyone else?


Describes anything that is good all the way around.

That new Ski by Donnely is totally 360.

That babe lying on the beach looks very 360.

See perfect, amazing, awesome, sweet


1.) The amount of space between two people that one needs in order to be comfortable.

2.) The distance arm length distance 360 degrees around someone.

3.) An understanding of a particular person's thought-life; being on someone's level.

1. Friend: "He must really like you."

Me: "How do you know that?"

Friend: "Cause he was all in your 360(three-sixty)."

2. Rob: "That smells good! What are you eating?" (Comes closer.)

Me: "Dang! Back up out of my 360 (three-sixty)!"

3. Professor Robbins gave me an F on this term paper?! This is the best paper I've ever written! He just ain't in my 360 (three-sixty).

See three, sixty, hundred, level, space


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