What is 508?


An area code for eastern Massachusetts

yo my area code is 508


The tragic kingdom... Massachusetts


This is the office-speak name for a bathroom violation. Specifically, this is what happens when a person in a wheelchair has to wait outside of a handicapped stall while some able-bodied person is in the stall taking a RayBurr. So named because thanks to Federal Section 508 of some law, all computer programs have to be written to handicapped people can use them without a mouse.

Yo dood, there's a 508 in progress in the bathroom!

See The Guvna


1. The Corner Penthouse in the Midrise dormitory at Marist College.

2. The home of 8 (7 +1 RA) totally different girls that are obsessed with:

-Grey's Anatomy

-Christmas Decorations

-Spicy Cheez-Its

-Akward Robotic Movement


Let's party like 508!

See 515, cool


for those in the boston massuchusets area.508 refers to the area code outside the city. usually used a degrading term to reference people or things.

That chick rolled up to the club lookin all 508 with here pegged pants and leather tassled biker jacket.


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