What is 588?


Noun. An Army term used for a prostitute. Originated during the Vietnam War, as soldiers would communicate a "Code 588" over the radio, meaning that they were approaching a brothel. Soldiers also used the term to refer to a good mood resulting from the use of a prostitute the previous night. In modern times, refers to any person, especially female, with prostitute-like qualities. See: prostitute, slut, whore

"We've got a Code 588 on the corner of 32nd and Main"

"Look at that girl, she sure is a 588"

"I'm Code 588, last night was really good"


a dirty, dirty whore

look at that 588.


1. n. The worst kind of insult that can be directed at a woman and or girl. Explicitly unmentionable. Usually used to describe someone ditzy and obtuse and action and thought.

2. v. An action that is typical of or to be expected from a 588.

1. She's acting like a real 588 over there.

2. Wow, she's really 588'ing up over there.

See unknown


used during the Vietnam War to signify a low quality North Vietnamese prostitute.

Look at that 588!


A low quality prostitute.

That girl is a 588.


Explicitly unmentionable.

Now used as police code for a low quality prostitute.

She is a 588.


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