What is 619?


The area code of San Diego, CA. Also a finishing move of the WWE's Rey Mysterio.

"I represent the 619."

"Mysterio is getting ready for that 619, Tazz!"

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The area code of San Diego, CA. and what Reggie Bush wears on his black eye block

"Bush is representin the 619"

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The signature technique used by Rey Mysterio of World Wrestling Entertainment, in which his opponent is lying on the middle rope of the ring. It is at that point that Rey Mysterio runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off the ropes towards the other side the ring (where his opponent is), jumps and swings feet-first in a 180-degree spin, kicking his opponent(s) in the face. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio goes for his finishing maneuver, the West Coast Pop.

Tazz: It's time for the 619, Cole!

Cole: Here it comes, the 619!


The area code of San Diego, California

Often used for short reference of the city and surrounding area

"We reppin the 619"

"Fuck you if you ain't 619'n"

-For the Love of Guns - Ms. Sancha feat. Mr. Sancho

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When you try to 69, but there's a wall in the way.

I accidentally 619 last night instead of 69. Damn.

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the wwe wrestler rey mysterios spaecial move it contains the ropes swinging and kicking your face

omg jerry he is going to do it it is 619

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When you get cock blocked while performing the sexual position "69". When written out, it looks like a penis is inbetween the 69.

"That other guy totally 619'd me when i was lickin her snatch!!"

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