What is 640?


The name for any location where cowards hide from the wrath of rival gangs.

Jamaal: Where the fuck did those pussies go?

Tyrone: They fled the bar as soon as Jordan got cracked in the face!

Jamaal: Where did they go? I'm not done with those guys!

Tyrone: Probably back to 640 to stay safe until shit blows over.

Jamaal: Fuck that mother fucker, let's rush 640!

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This is alot like 420,but 640 is the time a group of students who call them selfs the pearland punks meet in the morning before schoool to get drunk in the school parking lot. The drinking normally includes energy drinks (monsters) and coconut rum.

Christi : Are you ready for that test 1st period

Jennifer: no,im going to 640 it and see if that helps me on it

Christi: Good call can i join ?

Jennifer: Sure, you know where i will be.

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