What is 714?


slang term for quaaludes due to the markings that Rorer and them Lemmon pharmaceutical companies put on the tablets.

I chased a couple 714's down with a beer and woke up the next day with someone I'd never met before

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Northern Orange County. Slighty more blue collar, down to earth and culturely diverse than south OC or 949.

"she's 714, goes to cal state fullerton and wears weird vintage clothes."


The number of liquified hexaploid Strawberries!

Strawberry plant cells have seven different types of chromosomes, known as the haploid number. Diploid species have two times the haploid number of chomosomes, Tetraploids have four times, Hexaploids have six times. Hexaploid strawberry plants have 42 chromosomes in total, and multiplying that by the "liquification" factor of 17 results in 714

(S714)LeaderProta would like to see more than just area code definitions for this number <3 <3

6 (hexaploid multiplier) * 7 (haploid chromosome number of Strawberry plants) * 17 (liquification factor) = 714

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Its the fucking OCdammit.

That girl that lives in the OC`s number is 714-blah blah blah

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An area code in North Orange County which is shared by the communities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, and Anaheim.

South County is much whiter and richer; therefore more socially conservative. Both parts are fiscally conservative.

Dude one: Bro.. Can I get your number?

Dude two: Sure, It's 714-XXX-XXXX

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OXC, OC, orange county..............


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