What is 72?


Three days off in a row.

I taking a 72 this weekend.


When a woman is bent over-(resembling the number 7)

And a man is licking her asshole while on his knees behind her ( resembling the number 2 )

( If you look at the number 72 closely, you can visualize it the way you visualize the number -69- as two people)

I bent that bitch over and gave her the 72 before i banged her doggy style.


The 72nd number from zero.

guy1- Whats your favorite number?



noun - The number of virgins that a terroristis given after blowing up their target. (virgins' genders may vary)

BOOM!.......Are you my 72 virgins?...Ah shit...

See virgin, terrorist, blowing, gender, shit


A letter so dirty its undescribable for human eyes. It is used to describe the actions between the manly beast of a sister of a future underwear model and the two bangin sisters of a quarter-thrower during 7th period lunch.

I can't believe Rankel 72 nd it with amanda levy

See 72, rankel, 69, toothpaste


is a 69 with 3 people watching

3 people watching you 69 = 72


The number after 71.

seventy... seventy-one... 72


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