What is 730?


In the law 730 meaning to be crazy

I'm feeling 730 translated means im feeling crazy

See seven thirty


unstable; crazy; a form on Riker's Island for a mentally disturbed inmate.

The Deceps of the 90's were wild and all 730.


A person that is crazy.

Outlined in the song "Ebonics" by Big-L. "If you 730, that mean you crazy."

See out of it, nuts, wild


crazy, psycho, out of your mind

that crack head is straight 730. dude that fight was 730.

See crazy, cracked out, wild, nutz, gone


crackhead, spaz, crazy, loco

Yo dat nigga 730!

See caspa


Crazy, The time inmates take thier meds in prison

That bitch is straight 730

See crazy, meds, prison, police, psycho


The best forums ever.

"Man 730 rocks"

See 730


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