What is 734?


an underground gang full of hoodlums that dunk on suburban hoops and ride bikes to varuios locations. a world wide organazation that tags buidling homes and police cars, men of all ages and races, their main weapon is a bat and are wanted by police departments all over the country, no names are known for certain but they throw up a sign that is meant to be an intimidation device. they are also known to beat down there competitors in the daylight having no care who is watching. the two leaders are suspected to be montell jordan and brotha lynch hung, both 90's rappers

dude, the 734 burned my house down and impregnanted my wife.

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Area code for western Wayne County, MI and the "Downriver" area south of Detroit (southern Wayne County and Monroe County). Mostly popluated with rednecks, hillbillies and hicks. (Exception - 734 does include the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County)

"That chick from the 734 was easy!"

"You'd be easy, too, if you only had two teeth!"

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