What is 8?


The ordinal number '8' is often used in place of the phonemes that would make the sound 'ate' in written English.

I say 'often', I actually mean 'often (by bumpers)'

The habit could have originally developed among linux{fucktard]s in chatrooms, or 14 year old scrubbers text messaging on mobile phones. Either that or from 'old-school' rave act Altern8 (still DJ-ing in and around Stoke-on-Trent, kids!)

Whichever way you look at it, it looks shitand dosn't make you look cool.

"C U L8R M8!!!!!"

"He was a sk8r boi..."

"I'd rather menstru8 a ten ton w8 than write in such an illiter8 way, dude."


8 is symbolic of eternity.

Her new "8" tattoo means eternity.


8 is the answer every engineer gives when he has no friggin' idea of the solution to a problem.

Jack: So how many newtons did you find for question four?

Will: 8.

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Only used in instant messaging which means "bye" (almost the same pronunciation of 8(eight) in chinese which is "ba")

A: ok im going to take dinner, bye

B: 8

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8 is the sexiest Cylon (or for that matter, any humanoid looking character) in Battlestar Galactica. I know, I know, most people think 6 is sexier. But they're WRONG!

8 is the hottiest hotty in the fleet!!!

Overheard in the Landing Bay: Holy smokes! Right behind you. No! Don't turn around! It's too obvious! Wait 'til I tell you. Now! She's not looking. It's 8! OMG 8 is HOT! What an ASS! I wish I could eat her out. Then I could say, "I ate 8!" I crack myself up, I'm so funny! What? You already shagged her! That sucks! I wanted a piece FIRST!

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Dale Earnhardt Jr's Budweiser Chevy's Car Number.

Damn, nobody can come close to the 8 car at Daytona!


used by msn obsessives to create the emoticon of a musical note even when it doesn't appear (i.e. in mIRC or internet blogs)

often used at the end of song quotations

wheeeen was the laaast tiiiime you daaaaanced(8)

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