What is —?


It's a horizontal line. Longer than -, but not quite as long as ——.

Person 1: "Look, I've made a —."

Person 2: "So what, look at my ————."


A dash.

It's a punctuation mark that ignorant people would rather not use. Seems like they'd rather use an ellipsis( ...), which is wrong.

susyq: hehehehe so at my birthday party today joe walked over to me and told me that im cute. neway i told him i dont like him and he should die. i probly shouldnt have but i can do whatever i want...afterall, its my party and i can do what i wanna.

Joe: DIE LIKE FUCK. By the way, you should have used a dash there instead of an ellipsis. Now excuse me while I cry my eyes out and go emogoth—that is, a person who should probably just die already, rather than cause the world to suffer their presence any longer.

See not, an, ellipsis, english, punctuation


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