What is #1?


also known as number one

means to take a pee.

cf. #2 or number two

Joe: I gotta go over to those bushes.

Jill: why?

Joe: I gotta #1

See fifteen minutes


A new shirt. In reference to the shirt will move to #1 in your shirt rotation.

I'm heading out to pick up a new #1 for tonight.

Check out my new #1.

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Something that is uncool and makes things not fun.

Dude Tutt Stop Being Such a Fucking #1

See killjoy, boring


Short for #1 Click. Only the coolest group or clique of people anywhere.

omg! Look its #1! Hey guys! We love you! They are all super fly for sure.


Anthony is #1 because he is just amazing... and italian =)

...Nikki is #2....

end of story =)


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