[sarcasm On]

What is [sarcasm On]?


This phrase is followed by the closing tag: /sarcasm off It is a mesh of l33t speak and blog jargon. The condensed form for this method of expressing yourself is demonstrated in the second example sentence without an 'sarc off tag'. To those who are too square or bartarded to dig your jive or more often taking everthing literally: This phrase/tag and it's dynamics can be used in verbal conversations, as well as mental dialogue and even blogs/chat, when deemed appropriate by you! ...for those who can't advance to reading through the text and only comprehend classic indicating verbal tones. Sarc is less prefered because it can confuse others with Sarkar, or because it rhymes with narc.

"sarcasm on Oh Mr. <insert fool of your dis-liking here> in DC has a wonderful heart and loves to tell us the truth. /Sarcasm off"

"We MUST absolutely follow these guidelines and internationally standardize this format other than just finishing up the statement saying /sarcasm on or /sarc on"


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