What is 021?


The Tehran area code from within Iran. From abroad 011 021. Heard in rap songs by HichKas.

Dadaash be proud to be from the 021, cuz theres no other city like it.

021 for life bro.

See 021, tehran, iran, pp, pq, p.q, pp.


The future. A gang. the 021s are persians from Iran. If you're not down with them, you're wack. Their gang sign is a 021 made with the right hand - the thumb and forefinger make the 0, the middle and ring finger together for the 2 (roman numeral) and the pinky finger is the lone 1.

Yo Ali is a 021, straight out of Iran and gettin with the Ukranians - they're bout to fuck up the bloods around here.

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