What is 02893?


Zip code for West Warwick, Rhode Island... Home to many wel fare recipients, section 8 housing families, scumbags, gangsta wanna-bees who think they live in the "hood", and junkies. Basically losers are going nowhere in life... The town is ran backwards and the public officials have no idea what they are doing.. they should all be jailed... Notice it is named "West" Warwick and not Warwick... it used to be all Warwick in the beginning when it was founded but this is because waaaay back in the day Warwick saw that this particular part of the city was becoming trash and wanted to divide it up so hence the name, West Warwick came to light.

What do I think about the 02893? Bunch of scumbags who will go nowhere in life.

See junkie, section 8, losers


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