What is 1-2-5?


1. The signal that a guy gives to his friends hiding in his closet (40 friends; no more and no less)to complete the final stage of the Harlem Beatdown. The signal is to be given by using ones fingers to represent each number (shown off in sequence).

2. 125th street runs through Harlem.

3. The first letter in the alphabet is A, the second is B, and the fifth is E. That spells Abe, as in Abe Lincoln

1. To make things interesting, I stuck my dick in the fat bitches ass while giving the 1-2-5 to my buddies. Not only did she not enjoy the dick in the ass without lube, but the oncoming Harlem Beatdown that I ordered was going to send her up the bend.

2. 125th street is the inspiration for the codename 1-2-5.

3. Abe Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address. I know what you perv fucksticks are thinking however...

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