What is 10-90?


The truest form of the mullet, it contains 10 percent of hair on top and 90 percent in the back.

Did you see that guy driving the Camaro.

No, why?

He had a sweet 10/90.


The perfect way to describe a mullet thats mostly mullet and almost no bangs. Can be used openly in public, because no one knows what a 10-90 is.

10% bangs, 90% mullet; 10-90

Person 1: HOLY SHIT!!!! Do you see that 10-90?!?!

Person 2: Hell yeah!! There's VERY little business in the front, and one hell of a party in the back....


a mullet with 10% the hair on top and 90% on the back.

10-90! 10-90! here it comes! some guy with a nasty mullet!

See mullet, ten-ninety, 1090, hair, mudflap


a motherfukin mullet

billy ray cyress

travis tritt

michaell bolton


a stlb

See Art Webb 1986


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