What is 125?


Slang term used for a blowjob.

Yo, Jessica gave Mark a 125 yesterday!

See blowjob, head, oral sex, bj, fellatio


One eigth of a kilo, or four and a half ounces of whatever you're talking about.

"I started with a ball and next thing I knew I was C.O.D. on a 125."

See drugs, coke, kilo, sixteenth, Dr. Todd Reezee


one finger in the stink, two fingers in the pink and five to her jaw

Howard gave Kelli a 125.

See stink, pink, jaw, punch, butt


1. A 1993 Nissan Altima with only 3 gears because 3rd and 4th are broken, hence 1,2,5

2. Johnny G's dick because he plays with it like a stick shift.

John is tring to sell old 125.


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