3 Bar

What is 3 Bar?


NOUN: Used to describe the size of the woman your friend slept with the night before. The number describes how fat she was because she was able to exist in 3 bars at exactly the same time. You would be able to say something to her at one bar, tell her to hold on a second, leave for the next bar, and finish your sentence there because she was truly that fat. It is possible for a 4 or 5 bar to exist but the term can only be applied to girls that your friend has slept with.

VERB: The act of plowing into an elephant sized female willingly and drunkenly

That chick over there looks like 3 bar to me, I can feel her gravity pulling me closer, try not to sleep with that one.

3 BAR!! (yelling in the face of that whale)

Try not to 3 bar it up tonight...again

See fat, ugly, whale, mistake


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