What is 2.0 Beta Youtube Channels?


Youtube's biggest mistake ever. A gay channel design that barely shows your background at all and makes Youtube's features much harder to use. It is going to be permanently used by all users on July 15 2009. Youtube claims that it makes your channel your home, but all it is doing is causing millions of loyal users from 2005,2006,2007,2008,and 2009 close their accounts. And now, anybody that joins has to permanently be stuck with the new design. It is terrible and causes lots of chaos. R.I.P Youtube: February 15th 2005 - July 15 2009.

Man 1: Did you hear about the 2.0 Beta Youtube Channels?

Man 2: Yeah. I had to close my account which I made today because it would'nt let me switch to the old one. Youtube sucks!

Man 1: Sure does. I'm telling all my friends to never make an account there.

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