.40 Cal

What is .40 Cal?


First introduced by Smith&Wesson in 1990. Ballisticly similar to the 9mm parabellum, but with muzzle velocity exceeding all 9mm loads, and exceeding most standard loads of the outdated .45ACP cartridge, while having a standard magazine capacity of as many as 15 rounds (G22) as compared to the 7 round standard 1911 magazines, or the awkward-to-hold 13rd G20. Despite the belief or most inexperienced with the round, the .40 S&W has noticeably more recoil then the .45ACP.

Ironically, Austrian manufacturer Glock beat Smith & Wesson to the dealer shelves in 1990, with pistols chambered in .40 cal.

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A .40 cal is not a big fucking gun, it's an improved version of the 9mm. What it really is is a 10mm bullet, and packs more punch than the 9mm, but still allows for the same (high capacity) amount of rounds to be held in a clip. A favorite of drug dealers.

"Still tote a glock .40 for the haters and the bustas" -T.I "A.S.A.P"


A .40 cal is an improved version of of the 9mm. It is about the same size but packs more power, a favorite of drug dealers.

"Still tote a Glock .40 for the hatas and the bustas" -T.I. "ASAP"


A caliber developed by Smith & Wesson for women and limp-wristed men, this cartridge is slightly more powerful than the 9mm but does not approach .45 ACP

That punk pulled a .40 cal on me! I took out my 1911 and blew his fucking brains out!

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.40 Cal: Simply put, a big ass fucking gun. Usually a semi-automatic with no safety and a rubber grip handle. It will fuck you up.

".38? Fuck a Saturday Special. I'm rollin wit da .40 cal. Let's see a nigga try n get buck round me."


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