25 Cent

What is 25 Cent?


50 centz son, was on VHI celebrity kids

reporter: whatz ya sonz rap name 50?

50: 25 cent datz ma boi

See 25, cent, 50, son, twenty, five, fifty


Associate Producer on the Bubba the Love Spong show on Sirius Sat. Radio Channel 101, Only Black Man On Show

25 cent come down to the studio.

See btls, 25 cent, bubba, sponge, mdfmk


half the crap and half the rap.

yo just wanna be like 50'! o yea nigga? cut the 25 cent bitch!


underground rapper who wants to be jus like his hero 50 cent

25 cent BITCH! aka 2 dimes and a nickel


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