What is 2%?


A two percenter (aka 2%) is a slang term used to describe a party life style ,the idea is that out of 100% of teens that go to part'ys to drink there is 2% that are awesome individual's much more Epic then the other 98 % the 2% should be extremly proud of themselves,and usually have some sign of their involvement in the two percent. the creator of the 2% movement preffers to remain anonymous . tattoos of 2% are very uncommon and you should only get one if you are excepted into the 2%

-" Give Dielon another Beer !"

-"why should I ?"

_" cuz he is 2% ! just let it happen "

-"oh ! why didnt you say so?"

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When you like something enough to address it, but not enough to support it; you like something a little bit but not really a lot.

When you are too insecure to say something specific that someone else will likely make fun of, you just say you 2% it so as to soften the intensity of which you mean it.

I 2% like going to the mall.

That guy I ended up sleeping with last night was 2% hot, right?

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home boy, a friend, some your chill with

yo 2% wuts good?

notin rele hows abouts yous

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